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Adopt a City Median



Adoption Information:

Sponsorship Length: 1 Year 
Cost: $1,000
Traffic Counts:  30,000+ (depending on area)
         - Customized Sign
         - General Maintenance such as
watering, mulching, and weed-eating

Click here for the Median Site Agreement and Sign Application.

Click here to see a list of Available Tree Medians.

To adopt a median or find out more information, contact:
Diana Ting, Community Outreach Officer

What is an Up With Trees adoptable median?

An adoptable City Median refers to one of the 42 city medians whose maintenance Up With Trees took over from the city of Tulsa in 2012. The medians are located in the following three areas:

  • 15th Street between Harvard and Yale 
  • Yale between 51st and 61st 
  • 71st Street between Riverside and Highway 169